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What is Aerial Fitness?

When talking about aerial fitness, many people think about aerial yoga, as it became trendy in the past decade.

What is Aerial Fitness? Aerial Fitness is mainly referred to as any activity in which the performer/athlete is working on any apparatus that is hanging from the ceiling, such as an Aerial Hoop, Aerial Silks, Aerial Hammocks or an Aerial/Flying Pole.

Mostly known as circus activities, nowadays, more adults are starting to work out with these kinds of disciplines as they are more fun and still developing their upper body and core strength. Acrobatics and dance sequences are put together to also increase stamina and heart resistance.

We would like to mention that many disciplines can be involved when discussing “Aerial Fitness.” Let’s differentiate them.

Aerial Fitness Disciplines

  • Aerial Hammock: It’s the best one to start with, as the hammock serves as support to start developing upper body strength. It is a piece of fabric hanging from 1 or 2 ceiling hooks (depending on whether it will be used to spin or be static). It can be It is also a good way to remove our fear of being suspended thanks to its low height and the possibility of sitting/lying down on it.
  • Aerial Hoop: together with aerial silks, aerial hoop is the discipline that has become more notorious in shows and events. The main difference is the apparatus. Contrary to the hammock, the hoop is a rigid ring that can give a little more stability, but you will definitely feel it.
  • Aerial Silks: The silk is one long piece of fabric folded in two and hanging from the ceiling. It’s one of the hardest apparatuses as you need to create the support when creating knots on your feet/legs with the fabric. It requires greater upper body strength and hand support to hold the body while adjusting the body.
  • Aerial Straps: Like aerial silks, but instead of a piece of silky fabric, it’s two straps hanging from a ceiling hook. It’s more rigid and requires extra strength as the strap is around the wrists.

Aerial Hammock, Aerial Hoop, and Aerial Silks Classes

At TRIX DXB, we have Aerial Hammock, Aerial Hoop, and Aerial Silks classes which are separated by levels.

We recommend starting with Aerial Hammock, but many people start directly with Aerial Silks or Aerial Hoop.  All our aerial fitness classes are for all ages and body compositions, as the hooks hanging from the ceiling can hold up to 150 kg. You need to be aware of your own limitations until you develop body strength and muscle memory to continue growing your skills.

All Aerial classes can help you lose weight only if accompanied by a healthy diet and aerobic exercise. These classes will mainly develop your upper body and core strength but also work on the lower body, including the legs and glutes.

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