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Combining the Holiday Season With Your Passion for Pole, Aerial, and Movement

The holiday season, with its array of festivities, warmth, and joy, can sometimes disrupt our routines, especially when it comes to dedicated training in pole, aerial, or dance. However, it’s entirely possible to revel in the holiday spirit while staying on track with your training regimen.

Here’s how to find that perfect harmony:


The holiday season often means unpredictable schedules filled with gatherings, shopping, and festivities. Embrace flexibility by adjusting your training schedule accordingly. Consider adjusting your sessions to accommodate the day’s plans without compromising your training time. At TRIX DXB, we have a wide variety of classes and timings hoping that we can cover everyone needs.

Plan Ahead:

Anticipating the chaos of the holiday season, plan your training sessions in advance. Mark specific days for training on your calendar and communicate your commitments to friends and family to ensure they respect your practice time.

Set Realistic Goals:

Recognize that the holiday season may not allow for the same level of consistency in training as other times of the year. Set realistic goals for this period and focus on maintaining your skills rather than significant advancements.

Review your Progress:

Take your goal tracker and see the progress you’ve achieved, whether small or big, any progress is worth celebrating.

Embody the Holiday Spirit:

Remember, the holiday season is about joy, gratitude, and togetherness. Incorporate these values into your training by infusing each session with a sense of appreciation for the ability to pursue your passion.

Balancing the holiday season with pole, aerial, or dance training might seem daunting, but with careful planning, flexibility, and a positive mindset, it’s entirely achievable. Enjoy the festivities, spread the cheer, and keep dancing, soaring, or spinning through this magical season!

Do you want to start working out? Check out our classes? We’d love to see you training with us!

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