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How to know your Movement (Dance, Acrobatics, Flexy) Level?

Embarking on a journey of dance, acrobatics, and flexibility is a thrilling adventure that unlocks the potential of the human body’s grace, strength, and agility. The fusion of these three disciplines creates a dynamic and exhilarating experience, taking individuals from humble pre-beginner stages to awe-inspiring feats of athleticism and artistic expression. In this blog, we will explore the progressive movement levels within this captivating realm, highlighting the key milestones and achievements at each stage.

Flexibility - TRIX

We’ll now disclose all levels for you to know which one suits you best.


At the genesis of the journey, aspiring dancers, acrobats, and flexibility enthusiasts find themselves as pre-beginners. This stage the excitement marks the embarking on a new path, eagerly absorbing the fundamental principles that will serve as the foundation for future growth.


As skills and techniques begin to take shape, the beginner stage emerges as a crucial stepping stone. In dance, basic movements and coordination skills such as single turns are cultivated, setting the stage for more intricate routines. Acrobatics introduces fundamental skills like rolls and balances, building strength and body awareness. Meanwhile, flexibility enthusiasts achieve the ability to use a vertical block under their hands to support their splits, marking the first tangible progress on their flexibility journey.


With a growing mastery of the basics, the pre-intermediate level sees participants delve deeper into their chosen disciplines. In dance, rhythm and musicality are further explored, enabling fluid direction changes and more multiple combined steps. Acrobats focus on cartwheels, round-offs, and are able to do fore/shoulder stands, pushing their physical boundaries. Flexibility seekers elevate their practice by using horizontal blocks to enhance their splits, inching closer to the floor.


As skills mature, the intermediate stage showcases a heightened level of proficiency. Dancers engage in fluid floorwork and expressive back rolls, captivating audiences with their dynamic choreography. Acrobats conquer higher-level maneuvers like handstands and bridges, pushing the boundaries of strength and balance. Flexibility enthusiasts are not only able to achieve the milestone of placing their hands on the floor during splits but also demonstrate a testament to their dedication and progress.


Mastery beckons in the pre-advanced phase, where participants refine their craft to an impressive degree. Dancers master complex choreography, weaving emotion into their movements to captivate hearts. Acrobats ascend to new heights with backflips, intricate balances, and even partner acrobatics, showcasing their awe-inspiring control. Flexibility practitioners achieve the coveted full splits, a testament to their unwavering commitment and hard work.


The pinnacle of the journey, the advanced level, is reserved for those who have dedicated years to their craft. Dancers exhibit high-level mastery, crafting their own artistic choreographies that inspire and captivate. Acrobats perform gravity-defying feats, executing multiple flips and partner routines that leave audiences breathless. Flexibility enthusiasts reach the apex of their journey with over splits and body contortions, a breathtaking testament to the boundless potential of the human body.


In conclusion, this is to say that the journey through movement levels in dance, acrobatics, and flexibility certainly serves as a testament to the remarkable capacity of the human spirit for growth and transformation. At TRIX DXB we offer new challenges and opportunities for artistic expression and physical achievement. As practitioners progress from pre-beginners to advanced levels, they unlock a world of creativity, strength, and beauty that serves as an inspiration to all who witness their remarkable journey.

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