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How to know your Pole Level?

Pole Dancing or Pole Sport has gained tremendous popularity in recent years, merging strength, grace, and artistry in one unique form of exercise. At TRIX DXB we are explaining the levels to challenge and push members’ limits even further. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced practitioner, there is something for everyone to strive towards and conquer.

Pole Dance - Trix
Pole Sport- Trix

We’ll now disclose all levels for you to know which one suits you best. We work on both Static and Spinning pole.


When starting Pole Sports or Pole Dance, the first level, “Pre-Beginners”, requires no prior experience or specific skills. This level is designed for those who are just starting their pole journey. Here, students will learn the basic techniques and foundations of pole dancing, building strength and flexibility. These includes, climbing, spins and forearm/head stands.


When you are able to master climbing on both sides all the way up to the ceiling with no assistance, you can be moving on to the “Beginners” level. Students will start learning higher spins and moves as well as progressing towards inverting. This level helps to develop upper body strength and coordination.


Once you are able to fully invert by yourself from the floor (both sides), you are part of the “Pre-Intermediates” level. Inversions require core strength and balance, making this level a significant milestone in any pole dancer’s journey. In this level, students will work on higher inverts and more challenging tricks with 3 points of contact on the pole when upside down such as Extended Butterfly or Brass Monkey. Handstands are also introduced in this level.


The “Intermediates” level in Pole Sports is when you are able to aerial invert on both sides with no assistance. The aerial invert showcases advanced strength and control, and mastering it marks a milestone achievement for pole dancers. Students at this level will start working on moves when there are only 2 points of contact on the pole (when upside-down) such as Ayesha and Marion Amber.


Stepping up the game, the “Pre-Advanced” level is when you have handspring (both sides) on your repertoire. When training Pole Sports, Handsprings demand considerable upper body and core strength, as well as body control and coordination. At this level, students will learn different combinations with it and will start working on deadlifts and flips are included as well as one arm spins on both spinning and static pole.


Finally, we reach the pinnacle, the “Advanced” level. At this stage, students are strong enough to deadlift with no assistance. The deadlift is a jaw-dropping move that showcases strength, flexibility, and power in its purest form. Mastering the deadlift is a testament to years of dedication and hard work.


With the addition of these new levels, the world of pole at TRIX DXB is continuously evolving, challenging athletes and artists to push the boundaries of what is achievable. These levels not only offer structure and goals for polers but also provide a sense of accomplishment and progression as you grow and develop your skills.

So, whether you’re just starting your pole journey or an experienced dancer, the new levels offer exciting challenges and opportunities for growth. Pole is not just a fitness activity; it’s a form of self-expression that empowers individuals to redefine their limits and soar to new heights.

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