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Pole Dance Classes: Know the differences

Get to Know the Different Styles & Find Your Perfect Match

Pole dance has evolved into a diverse art form that offers various styles and techniques for individuals to explore. Whether you seek a creative outlet, a confidence boost, or a full-body workout, selecting the right pole dance class at TRIX DXB is crucial. In this article, we will delve into different pole dance styles and guide you in choosing the ideal class based on your personal preferences.

Let’s explore them…

Contemporary Pole: Unleash Your Artistic Expression
If you are drawn to storytelling through movement and desire to connect with your emotions, Contemporary Pole is an excellent choice. This style allows you to express your personal artistry and articulate your truth through intentional and rhythmic movements. With a focus on contemporary choreography and musicality, this class encourages you to explore your own narrative and unleash your expression of self.

Key Points:

  • Incorporates intention and rhythm in the movement.
  • Explores contemporary choreography and musicality.
  • Requires knee pads and prohibits jewelry.

Exotic Pole: Embrace Sensuality and Self-Confidence
For those seeking a sensual and empowering experience, Exotic Pole offers a combination of physical challenge and self-expression. This style helps boost self-confidence, improves posture, and provides a full-body workout. Alongside warm-up and strength exercises, you’ll learn a routine that incorporates dance moves with the pole, spins, flips, and floorwork, allowing you to embrace your magnificence.

Key Points:

  • Boosts self-confidence and improves posture.
  • Focuses on dance moves, spins, flips, and floorwork.
  • Requires knee pads and prohibits jewelry.

Pole Dance: Embrace Freedom and Lyrical Expression
If you’re looking for a fusion of physical fitness and artistic expression, Pole Dance is an ideal choice. This style explores limitless movements and the freedom of expression using the pole as a partner to accompany and support the flow. By combining the physicality of pole dance with lyrical and expressive narration, this class not only allows you to explore your creativity but also engages you in a full-body workout.

Key Points:

  • Emphasizes freedom of expression and lyrical movement.
  • Requires knee pads and high heels.
  • Blends pole dance with a narrative element.

Pole Flow: Graceful Artistry with Strength Training
Pole Flow combines strength, endurance, flexibility, and elegance to create a beautiful art form and an intense full-body workout. In this class, you will learn tricks, splits, and pole combinations while maintaining a seamless flow. It offers a balance between strength training and artistic expression, allowing you to embrace the fluidity and grace of pole dancing.

Key Points:

  • Focuses on strength, endurance, flexibility, and elegance.
  • Emphasizes seamless transitions and pole combinations.
  • Requires shorts and prohibits jewelry or body lotion.

Pole Gym: Confidence Building and Fitness Focus
For individuals seeking a focused workout without choreography, Pole Gym is the perfect fit. This class aims to build confidence and strength while providing a fun and energetic exercise experience. Through climbs, spins, inverts, and exercises, you’ll master pole fitness tricks and achieve a comprehensive workout session.

Key Points:

  • Focuses on building confidence and strength.
  • Includes climbs, spins, inverts, and exercises.
  • Prohibits jewelry and body lotion.


Choosing the right pole class depends on your personal preferences and goals. Whether you are drawn to the artistic expression of Contemporary Pole, the sensual empowerment of Exotic Pole, the freedom and lyrical movement of Pole Dance, the grace and strength of Pole Flow, or the focused fitness of Pole Gym, aligning your preferences with the class style

Do you want to book your class now? Check out our Pole classes schedule. We’d love to see you training with us!

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