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The Relationship Between Body Weight and Aerial & Pole Arts: Building Strength and Grace

Body Weight - Pole and Aerial

In recent years, aerial and pole arts have gained immense popularity as unique and empowering forms of fitness and self-expression. These captivating disciplines, which include aerial hoop, aerial silks, pole dancing, and aerial hammock, combine strength, flexibility, and artistry to create stunning performances. However, there’s a common misconception that these activities are primarily designed for weight loss. In reality, aerial and pole arts are about building strength, grace, and confidence. In this blog post, we’ll explore the impact of body weight on participation in aerial and pole arts and emphasize the importance of focusing on strength and skill development rather than weight loss.

Aerial and Pole Arts: Building Strength and Skill

Aerial and pole arts are forms of artistic expression that require incredible strength and flexibility. Contrary to what some may believe, they are not primarily designed as weight loss programs. Instead, they focus on developing core strength, upper body strength, and flexibility. These activities challenge participants to perform gravity-defying moves that require an impressive level of physical fitness.

  1. Strength Matters More Than Weight: When it comes to aerial and pole arts, strength is a crucial factor. Having a strong core, upper body, and lower body can make a significant difference in your ability to perform various moves safely and with grace. Building this strength should be the primary focus, regardless of your body weight.
  2. Safety First: Aerial and pole arts instructors prioritize safety above all else. They provide guidance on proper technique, form, and progression to ensure that participants can perform moves without risking injury. Regardless of your weight, your instructor will help you progress at a pace that is safe and suitable for your individual abilities.
  3. Confidence and Self-Esteem: Engaging in aerial and pole arts can boost your confidence and self-esteem. These activities celebrate diverse body types and encourage self-expression. They create a supportive community where individuals of all shapes and sizes can feel empowered and proud of their accomplishments.

Weight and Cardio vs. Strength and Artistry

It’s important to note that most traditional aerial and pole arts classes do not incorporate cardiovascular exercises. Therefore, they may not be the most effective choice if your primary goal is weight loss. Instead, these classes focus on building strength, improving flexibility, and perfecting artistic movements.

If you’re interested in combining aerial or pole arts with weight loss, you may want to explore dancing or choreographed classes that incorporate more cardio-intensive elements. Classes like pole dance, pole flow, aerial dance, and burlesque dance can provide a cardiovascular workout while still allowing you to enjoy the unique and creative aspects of these art forms.


Aerial and pole arts are inclusive disciplines that welcome individuals of all body types and backgrounds. The emphasis should always be on building strength, skill, and self-confidence, rather than fixating on body weight. These activities offer a unique blend of athleticism and artistry that can be incredibly fulfilling and empowering. So, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced practitioner, remember that your journey in aerial and pole arts is about celebrating your progress, cultivating strength, and embracing your own unique style and grace.

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